Miner v2

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Earn passive income in minutes, collect NFTs, and secure your assets on an internet you own.

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Evergreen Hub

Pre-plotted Hard Drive

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Earn with Space.
Evergreen mines with recycled storage.
            15w-100w, less than a standard PC. 
           Earn profits daily.
            Quiet, cool, and easy to expand.

Starting at $299 for 6TB

More than a Miner
Collect NFTs, store valuable data, and access P2P apps through our end to end OS.
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Instant Setup. Instant Earnings.
No staking, no KYC, no license, just plug and earn.

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The Starter Kit Runs on Just 15 Watts,
10x less than an average PC.

Each Expansion Pack adds 6 watts; so you'll never spend more on energy than you earn.