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First devices will be shipped in mid February 2022. 
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Beta FAQs

     What are the benefits to pre-ordering?

a. Guaranteed stock, with very low supplies its hard to gauge when new units will be readily available

b. Support our project and ecosystem by giving us some more time and resources to deliver

     When will I get my device? 

We are able to ship expansion drives within a month and if you subscribe itll be consistent. The Hub Lite will be generally available in late February, but expect 2-3 months lead time through spring and summer regardless. 

     How did batch 1 go?

​Well.. it was tough, the bright side is devices are up and running, but batch 1 is missing several features that have been sidelined while developing the new version, and took a while to get up and running. At the very least you'll be farming much quicker than batch 1 and stay updated but the mobile experience is definitely a work in progress. 1 (23 y/o) man can only do so much, so getting more help but its definitely not going to be an "apple" level experience for batch 2 (yet). Albeit much more refined from batch 1.

​     What is different in batch 2?

Well.. a whole lot. We separated the HDD from the computer, so now you can just get the hub for $150 and use existing drives. Its on a custom PCB so any errors from me hand assembling should be reduced, and any patches will be much harder than before. Additionally I'm rebuilding the whole OS, previously I was using 3rd party OS based on docker, which was good for 20 devices but not for any more. I have moved the whole system to AWS which should be much more stable in the long run

​     But when ROI?

Chia's price is not for the faint of heart. I am a Chia maxi for many reasons. Primarily because their blockchain works on hardware that is cheap and easy to work with, secondly because the team is killer, and third they are already supporting major institutions. The truth is buying the Coin might very well be a better bet than buying hardware. That being said the HUB has no ROI because it doesn't earn anything, its simply meant to make your farming experience easier and give you access to the Chia DeFi ecosystem. If you are still investing in farming, I believe Evergreen Plus has the most competitive prices even compared to plotting at home. To each is own. If you believe in Chia, the time to get equipment is now. But don't spend money you can't afford to lose, understand the investment, and DYOR. 

     Okay so Chia is cool, but is this just a Chia Farmer?

No, glad you asked. Evergreen is about access to DeFi.  Mining is one of the best ways to get involved in DeFi, and Chia is easy. We are exploring options for a Helium add on, and a PLANETs add on. What's excites me most is that you get native access to the blockchain. Instead of using a web browser and sending your funds all over, you can use mined funds directly on Chia apps that we integrate. Actual decentralization, actual P2P tech, is what Evergreen is about. Own your Node, own your Experience.​

Feel free to DM me with other questions or if you want to get involved! To me this project is about bringing people really good investment opportunities. I don't win if you don't win. There are early pains and if that excites you, please consider becoming a beta users. Much love!