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Introducing the simplest DeFi device.

Earn Chia (XCH), secure your wallet, and use native web3 applications. 


The Hardware.

Evergreen Hub is a plug and play crypto miner...

Well technically a crypto farmerInstead of compute intensive Proof of Work, Evergreen utilizes HDDs with Chia's Proof of Space and Time. Simply plug in a HDD with plots and start earning XCH.

The HUB alone uses less than 5w of energy and each HDD uses about the same. Meaning you won't need a special power supply and it won't show up on your electric bill.

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The OS.

EVG OS is your portal to Chia's growing DeFi Ecosystem. Earnings are stored in the native chia wallet, where they can be used on a DEX, or to buy NFTs, or even play on-chain poker.

Your earnings never leave the chain, saving you fees and increasing security. Most importantly the OS is truly decentralized.

Keep your farm running smooth, and even download plots.

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Get started with a 6TB kit for $250.

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Expand with Ease

with stackable pre-plotted HDDs, 6TB, 12TB, 18TB.

The Specs

8 USB Ports

WiFi + 1gb Ethernet

160 x 170 x 50 mm


8A DC power supply included

Upgradeable RAM & Storage

Batch 1, the alpha
25 Devices, 400TB, up and farming.

The Future.

Evergreen is creating an ecosystem. Today were making it easy to farm chia. High on our priority list is adding support for Bitcoin lightening. We are also integrating with Chia DeFi ecosystem. Soon we'll provide access to DApps through the device, which will grow into a DeFi App store, supporting multiple protocols and chains, building the first native, web3 OS.

Why Chia?

Chia is a budding ecosystem designed with the security of Bitcoin and the programmability of Ethereum. It was created by Bram Cohen, founder of Bit Torrent, and took on over 300,000 nodes in the first 6 months, making it the most decentralized blockchain. 

HDDs are secure and use minimal energy, and the client runs on nearly any computer, making native DApp development simple. The ecosystem is just getting started but is already supporting institutions like the World Bank and Costa Rica. Chia has all the right stuff and is poised for mainstream adoption.

Why Evergreen?

Evergreen started with the mission of making mining more accessible. Chia was a clear choice because its green and the hardware doesn't need to be replaced often. Chia is new and still has its kinks. Evergreen makes Chia Farming dead simple. Imagine a little guy inside the box doing everything for you. We are dead set on giving an easy experience with great customer service. 

We are striving toward expanding our ecosystem with frequent hardware additions and software upgrades that will generally work on all models, even the beta. Joining evergreen now brings you into the cutting edge of cryptocurrency and web3.