The lean, green, mining machine.

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Become a crypto farmer.

Earn Chia coin (XCH) the easy way with by harvesting chia plots.

Start with 10 or 18 TeraBytes (TB)

How it works

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Set and forget

Evergreen is small, quite, and low maintenance.

You can hide it away in the closet, or sleep with it under your pillow for good luck. 

Plug Evergreen in, and it will work for you. 

Manage from your phone.
Check earnings, exchange XCH, explore the network.

1. Power on the Evergeen Miner with included power cable
2. Connect device to wifi via phone/computer/ethernet
3. Scan the QR code to access the app.

Evergreen is the simplest way to support the Chia Network. 

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Green crypto

Chia uses a novel smart transaction protocol called proof of space and time, which operates on specially prepared Hard DrivesBitcoin and Ethereum use proof of work, which operates on high powered computers like ASICS and GPUs.  A large hardrive uses about 10W of energy, whereas ASICS and GPUs often use hundreds of watts. 


By using physical computers to back the network, chia is very difficult to breach. An attacker would need to own a majority of the total supply of hard drives in order to overcome the existing network of farmers. This is what drives confidence in the platform over the long term. 

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​Pool enabled plots
Less than 15 watts
Expandable USB storage
Built in 2.5/5GHz Wifi
12V/5A power adapter included
Mobile App works on Safari/Chrome/Firefox


Join server for discounted order