EVG OS 1.0

The first native Web3 P2P operating system. 

Own your network.

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Manage your farm.


Evergreen Mobile

Manage your Miner

Non-custodial wallet

Peer 2 Peer exchange

Multi-chain support

Connects with local

EVG Hub node


Truly P2P
Connect with other Evergreen users device to device.

Everything you need to build truly native web3 applications.

Build apps that run on peer owned infrastructure. With Evergreen SDK, you deploy directly to Evergreen devices. You can access device compute, networking, and storage, and integrate with the Evergreen Mobile wallet for a full, native web3 environment. 

Secure Access
Integrate seamlessly with Evergreen Mobile Wallet.

Local Storage
Experience true ownership with locally hosted user data.

Earning 24/7 
Run workloads and offer services on a high uptime and ever growing network.