How does it work?


Bitcoin and Ethereum use proof of work (PoW) to secure the transactions on their network. PoW requires high power computers, mainly GPUs. Chia uses proof of space and time, which requires hard drive space. First the hard drive is plotted and then farmed. You earn rewards based on the size of your farm and how long you keep it connected to the network.




We plot so you don't have to. Each plot is 100gb and take 8hrs to generate. These plots are generated with your public farmer key meaning they cannot be stolen or easily moved to a different account.



Once your drive is plotted it is hooked up to a node. Farming is how to get rewarded by the chia network. This node runs 24/7 so you don't have to keep Chia running on your personal computer.


Let it grow.

Chia is a new network that has great potential. The longer you farm the more Chia you accumulate. By buying and farming on a chiaBox you are actively supporting the network and getting rewarded in Chia. 

The easiest way to mine cyrpto.

Proof of Work mining is expensive, risky, and hard to manage.

Evergreen aims to get the power of crypto into the hands of everyday people. 

Stay Updated

The Chia network is constantly evolving and adding functionality and tools for farmers and users alike. We keep you up to date on the latest protocols to maximize profit and utilize the network.


If you have any issues with your miner or XCH wallet we are available to help.