Evergreen Starter Kit

Earn money while you sleep, spend it on your favorite digital assets.

Evergreen cases_edited_edited.png

1x Evergreen Hub

Runs a lightweight Chia Farmer.

Connects up to 40 Expansion Packs.

Ethernet or WiFi enabled

6w of power

1x Expansion Pack 

12TB or 16TB

Earns XCH per TB of space.

Comes pre-plotted, ready to earn.

Actively cooled.

Certified Refurbished.

6w of power.

Add Expansion Packs from $299

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Evergreen Mobile

Manage your assets, your farm, and more from the Evergreen Mobile App.


The app features the premiere

non-custodial wallet for Chia, with support for other assets coming soon.

Evergreen Mobile is the simplest way to manage and expand your earnings and securely save and spend your assets.

Try it now!